Getting there

Getting there

By air


  • Closest French airport (@100klm)
  • About 1 1/4 hours drive
  • Not sure about trains
  • Poorly serviced by international airlines


  • About 150klm, in Switzerland
  • 1 1/2 to 2 hours drive
  • Not good for trains in to the Savoie
  • Plenty of flights, easy to get to
  • Has the advantage that passport control in to EUC is practically non existent!


(Exupery Int. or St Etienne)
  • French airports About 250klm away
  • Around 2 1/2 hours (all on Peage, expect to pay about FF85)
  • Good train service to Moutier

By train

There is an excellent train service in France check it out here.

By car

Whether you come by air train or car you need to end up in Moutier.

There are only two way to do this either you come across from Italy via the Col de Petit St Bernard and down through Bourg St Maurice or you enter on the N90 from Albertville.

To Moutier

Here in brief is one good route to Moutier from the UK:

  1. Ferry to Calais
  2. A26 to Riems (Riems bypass (A4), follow signs for Chalon Sur Marne and A26)
  3. A26 to Chalon Sur Marne
  4. A26 to Chaumont
  5. A31 to Dijon
  6. A31 to Beaune
  7. A6 to Macon
  8. A6 to Villefranche Sur Saone
  9. At Villefranche Sur Saone follow "Rocade Est" for Chambery and Grenoble
  10. Join A43 for Chambery
  11. A43 to Albertville
  12. N90 to Moutier

From Moutier to Montagny

No matter where you are coming from you need to end up in Moutier.

These instructions assume you are coming in from Albertville on the N90. (If you are coming from Italy via the Col de Petit St Bernard and Bourg St Maurice you'll have to exit at Moutier from N90 at a roundabout and then follow signs to Bozel till you come to another big roundabout (One with a big arty farty globe structure in the middle).

Coming from Albertville on the N90, follow signs for Moutier Centre Ville (you stay in the right lane but don't filter off, eventually the road splits and you take the right fork which then splits, you take the left) you will end up at a roundabout (One with a big arty farty globe structure in the middle).

The first exit (right) goes to Bozel (D915), the second (straight on) is the D89 to Montagny, the next exit goes back on to the N90 and Bourg, and the final exit (left) takes you in to Moutier town centre.

At this point you have two choices:
  1. you can turn right and head to Montagny via the D915 and Bozel. This route is longer (14 klm) and slower but especially in winter easier to drive. It suffers from rock fall especially early in the morning or after heavy rain.

  2. Straight over the roundabout and up the D89 is far quicker, only a 6 klm journey. However there are unprotected 100m drops off the side the road narrower and is more prone to stone fall and mud slides.

map of routes to Montagny
This map shows both routes, click to see it bigger

1. To head straight to Montagny.

  1. Go straight over the roundabout at the end of the N90, up the D89, clearly signposted "Montagny". The road travels steeply up hill through the suburb of Sallins les Thermes, there are various branches to the right and left. At all times stay on the main road which goes straight on up the hill. after a couple of klms you leave Salins les Thermes and are out in the open country. Watch out for a nasty section where the road narrows suddenly and does a sharp left turn on a corner. Shortly after this the road will branch. The right branch heads down to Bride les Bains, the left branch heads up the hill and on to Montagny (clearly signposted).

  2. Lots of windy road and switch backs follow, after a while you leave the tree line and there are a couple of sections with steep drops down the side. A bit more woodland and you come to an inverted fork in the road (the road coming down from the left goes to Feissons) carry straight on, round a sharp right bend in a gully (often water and ice on road) and in to the village of Montagny La Thuile. Drive carefully through La Thuile (kids and animals on road) and carry on along the main road. Next you pass through the hamlet of les Chennets, then a huge communal cow shed down on the right, then a timber mill on the right. A few meters past this you entry Montagny Chef Lieu.

  3. Driving slowly you pass a few houses on either side of the road. Then ahead of you will be a blind left corner (there is a shrine just before the corner on the left). On the right before this corner is a house, then a basin (stone tub of water), then a metal railing. All of this has communal car parking in front of it.

  4. Immediately after the railing is a road on your right which cuts back below you. Our house is the third on the right (the first on the right is Yvonne Viberts house, after another basin is Alex Favres house, then a barn which shares the roof of our house. After our house is Nicole Baguel and then gardens).

  5. Our house has an obvious green and yellow balcony. The front door is up the steps under the balcony.

2. Montagny via Bozel.

  1. Turn right at the roundabout for Bozel (you can actually turn right just before the roundabout as you exit the N90 following signs for Valee de Bozel. Courchevel and Meribel).

  2. Follow signs to Bozel - if you can't find Bozel, go home!

  3. When you arrive in Bozel, you will drive up a hill and come in to the town centre. On the left is the post office behind a cobblestone area with a big circular basin (stone water tub). On the right are shops, including a small "Spar" supermarket.

  4. About 150m past this, over a small river is an obvious cross roads (remember to give way to the right!) opposite you and on the left is the St Roche Hotel. Turn left here.

  5. About 100m up the steep hill the main road turns sharp left back over the river (don't go straight on and the right turn is one way so you can't turn right), then the main road immediately turns right again (the road forks here straight on takes you back down to the post office) and caries on up the hill past a big stone Saracen tower.

  6. You're home and dry if you get to this point! Go straight on all the way, past a turn on the right to Villemartin, through Montagny La Roche, straight on past the turning to La Villard and in to Montagny Chef Lieu.

  7. Drive slowly past the church (on your right, good communal parking here on the left) and then the Marie (also on your right). Shortly, ahead you will see the road disappear round a blind right hand bend, it also forks on this bend with a minor road cutting down in front of you on the left, this is our street. On the corner, immediately after the fork is a metal railing then a basin and then a house, there is communal parking in front of all this.

  8. Our house is the third on the right (the first on the right is Yvonne Viberts house, after another basin is Alex Favres house, then a barn which shares the roof of our house. After our house is Nicole Baguel and then gardens and orchards).