Our house

The smallest house in the village!

Built in 1717 from stone with a traditional vaulted cave (cellar).

The house has over the years been split and rejoined many times at the whim of the Napoleonic inheritance laws.

Currently, everything to the right of the ridge line and the rear half to the left are owned by local villagers. Jane and I purchased the front left quarter in 1999.

our house

Our house consists of three rooms one on top of the other each measuring only 4m X 4m. Originally the ground floor room was a vaulted cave (cellar) separate from the rest of the house, this has a door into it at street level and had a toilet on a small concrete slab in the middle of the bare earth floor.

Cave with the old toilet

The rest of the house was accessed by a stone stair case up to the kitchen on the 1st floor. This stair runs in the centre of the house, below the ridge line and has an alcove at the back for storing fire wood.

Main entry

The kitchen had a single cold water tap on one wall, and a coal fired cooker which doubled as the only source of heating in the house.


A steep open timber stair case leads up to the bedroom above from which a wide door leads to the small, distinctive green and yellow balcony. It was from here with the use of a step ladder that the roof space was accessed.


Also leading off the bedroom is a beautiful vaulted room (situated above the alcove at the top of the stone stairs). This at one time would have provided access to the rest of the building, the old doorways now being alcoves with shelves).

The vault - a temporary bedroom