Our house

The smallest house in the village!

Since buying the place we have renovated extensively. 95% of the work was done ourselves but credit goes to Gordon (mostly to Gordon!), Shorty, Dan, Jim and Howie who have helped with various stages of renovation.

At all times during renovating we tried to keep the house looking as original as possible, at the same time adding modern facilities like electricity, water and internal access to the new bathroom in the cave.


A concrete stair case now runs down from the kitchen to the cave which has been split, with a laundry room (this and the concrete internal stair are still bare and unfinished) and Bathroom which has a double shower sink and bog. The bathroom walls and floor have been sealed and insulated too.

Laundry room

Currently the house has a new insulated ceiling on the bedroom which doubles as a top deck under the eves where we "camp" in summer (there is electricity, hot and cold water to the top deck). There is a hatch in the ceiling to allow access, at the moment there is just a ladder to get up, eventually we'll build a timber stair.

The bedroom walls have been insulated and replastered and painted, the floor sanded, caulked, oiled and waxed.


The kitchen wall have also been insulated and re plastered, a wood burning fire added along side a timber work bench with sink and gas stove.

Bel' and Hope in front of fireKitchen