Our house

Shutting down the house

Note: It is very important that you shut down the electricity and therefore ensure that the hot water tank is switched off before draining the tank. Failure to do this could damage the hot water tank!

Shutting down - electricity

Turn off the two switches referred to in "starting up the house electricity".

Shutting down - water

Note: The electricity to the hot water tank must be turned off first!

Referring to "starting up the house" for the location of various taps and stop cocks;

  1. Turn off the mains water stop cock (tap should be at 90 degrees to pipe).
  2. Plug the white drain pipe onto the hot water drain tap as shown in the picture and open it.
  3. Turn on all the hot water taps in the house. Water should now drain from the system.
  4. Turn the pressure relief tap under the hot water heater open and drain the hot water tank.
  5. Close the hot water drain tap, plug the white drain pipe onto the cold water drain tap and repeat the above procedure.
  6. Close the cold water drain tap and finally run round the house and close all taps.