Our house

Other information for tenants



  • ALWAYS shut all the fire vents and place a brick over the top if you go out or go to bed.
  • Leave fire wood for the next visitors(in alcove outside).
  • Do not leave the axe or hatchet outside the house or in the hall, leave it in the kitchen or laundry room.
  • Don't leave ash in the house - it may still have hot embers in it.


Gas is used only for the gas hob in the kitchen, at this stage there is no oven.

The gas we use is bottled, the bottle lives under the kitchen work surface where the plate rack is, next to the sink.

To change the gas bottle:

  1. There is a spanner tied to the flexible gas pipe near the bottle (please don't remove it)
  2. Screw the gas bottle tap closed (clockwise)
  3. Using the spanner remove the gas regulator from the gas bottle (note this is a reverse thread so to loosen turn clockwise)
  4. Take the empty gas bottle and trade it for a full one (there is a Total gas agent in Montagny)
  5. return with the new bottle and repeat the procedure above in reverse
  6. There is a button on the underside of the regulator, press it in!


There are two rubbish collections a week in summer, Tuesday and Thursday, both at midday. In winter there is only a Thursday collection, again at midday.

Recycling is practically none existent in France. There are glass bins which are green and usually labelled "Special Vere". In some of the bigger towns and cities there are also communal plastic and paper bins, if you are heading out through one of these by all means take your recyclables and hope for the best.