Our house

Starting up the house

Note: It is very important that you start up the water and therefore ensure that the hot water tank is full, before turning the electricity on. Failure to do this could damage the hot water tank!

Starting up - water

  1. Run round the house and make sure the following taps are closed:
    • under the stairs
    • bathroom sink
    • shower left and right walls
    • kitchen sink
    • on the roof (in front of you as you exit the hatch)
  2. Turn the mains water on at the stopcock under the cave to kitchen stairs.

    Note: stop cocks are on when they are in line and off when they are perpendicular.
  3. Run round and make sure nothing is leaking!
  4. Open the two stopcocks to the water heater.
  5. Turn the pressure relief tap on the underside of the water heater anticlockwise and make sure that water exits, then turn it closed.

    Note: you may need to turn a hot tap on to purge the air from the hot water heater, if so use the one in the bathroom sink.

    Note: do not turn the electricity for the water heater on until you have filled it with water!
  6. Now turn the cave water on at the left most stopcocks.
  7. In the kitchen is a metal cover plate, remove this and then open the stopcocks for the kitchen (and the roof, only in summer).
  8. That's it, it should all work as long as nothing is leaking!

Starting up - electricity

The electrical mains is on the wall in the cave beside the outside door the box on the left holds the circuit breakers, the one on the right is the mains supply.

  1. Turn the switch on the right hand box on, and then press the blue test switch (it should click off). Turn the mains switch on again.
  2. Now on the left hand box (Circuit breaker box), switch up the left most switch and press the test button (it should click off). Switch it back on again.
  3. Make sure all the switches are up except the one market "not used".

Heater and washing machine timer

Check that the timer which is plugged into the Circuit breaker box is set to the correct time. Simply rotate it to change the time.

Note: please do not press the timer tags in!

There are two plugs in this timer, one is for the two wall mounted heaters in the cave and bedroom and the other is for the washing machine.

If you are desperate for heat or to do washing there is a red switch on the left side of the timer to override the preset times.

Please remember to switch it back to "timer" afterwards.

There is another timer under the concrete stairs for the hot water. Please do not touch this.