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The following info should be useful for tenants.

Starting up and shutting down the house

To be done in the following order:

Other stuff


Hope Vickery and Amanda Keal look after the house for us whilst we’re away, Their word is law!

We let people use it because we are jolly nice folks, not to make loads of dosh, please do not abuse our trust!

  • Please look after our house.
  • Please, if you break something replace it or at least let us know about it.
  • The house is old, the stairs are steep and can be slippery, there is no balcony rail on the roof, the fire is unguarded. Subsequently we suggest it is not at all suited for kids or elderly people.
  • Please try to leave the place as you found it - or cleaner.
  • Wash the linen and couch covers before you go.
  • Empty the bins (you can drop rubbish in a local "abri poubele" on your way out of town).
If you don’t leave it clean we’ll have to charge you a BIG cleaning fee!